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WYCE Gambia NGO A78

The Wonder Years Centre of Excellence (WYCE) began in Madina Salam in 2001. The project has now grown into a well known NGO in the region. It welcomes international guests and visitors to the working lodge and that financial support in turn helps many local initiatives.

In it's 20 year life, WYCE has now grown into a self-sustaining NGO raising money from donations and finance from it's own fundraising. 


WYCE Working Lodge

This working lodge welcomes visitors and volunteers from across the globe and boasts:

Two Gambian round houses (accommodates 16)


Offices and conference facilities

Yoga (peace) garden

Campfire garden

Wonder Years Centre of Excellence

The Wonder Years Centre of Excellence lower basic school now teaches around 900 children.


The school was the first success of the WYCE project and began taking in nursery children in 2004. Since then the school has grown and now some of the original nursery children now teach at the school

clinic 2.jpg

Primary Healthcare Clinic

As Madina Salam has grown, so has the need for a local healthcare facility. The clinic is available to provide primary healthcare and maternity help and guidance.

It has recently been extended to provide additional space for a dispensary and additional toilet.

Annual Tree Planting

Each year WYCE Gambia plants up to 500 trees, to help the local eco-system. The trees planted each year vary depending on the needs of the local environment.

The trees types planted so far include:

cashew, mango, coconuts, baobab and mahogany

tree planting.jpg
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