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Child Vacancies

There are many advantages to using The Wonder Years Day Nursery:

  • Before you commit your children to our care, we are happy to offer you ‘a full and detailed show-around’ of the nursery. You will meet the staff, especially those who would be working with your child. Then we can discuss our routines, policies/procedures and fees with you. So, you have a complete picture of how we work.

  • We have a ‘flexible hours’ policy. This enables working parents to work whatever hours they need while their child is in the safe hands of our qualified and experienced nursery staff.

  • We only charge you for the hours you have booked. We can accommodate child placements which range from a brief 2 hour session, to a full-time placement, depending on the needs of our customers and their children.

  • We keep parents informed about their child's visit via the Famly app. This keeps parents aware of their child's food, rest and activities via a secure phone based app.

  • For safety, the nursery have a ‘finger-print ID system’ for our regular parents. Any new visitors would need to ring our video door bell. They will then be greeted by a member of our staff before being given a guided nursery tour. Read our Privacy Policy.

  • We offer the facility of free 1-2 hour 'settling-in’ sessions. This means your child will be totally comfortable with their new setting and peers by the time they starts regular hours.

  • We offer a school pick-up and drop-off service, enabling parents/carers to relax, knowing their child is being well looked after until they are able to arrive at Nursery.


  • We offer places during school holidays so parents/carers can continue with their usual work routines


  • We are open all year round (except Bank Holidays and Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.)


  • We have an easy-access car park for pick-ups and drop-offs


For any other questions regarding child vacancies, please call us on 0121 556 6979.

For enquiries regarding current availability, please call us on 0121 556 6979 or Contact Us. We will offer as much help and advice as you may need.


Are you eligible for free placements?


FREE places are available for 2, 3 and 4 year olds.

For more information please contact: Sandwell Family Information Service – 0121 569 4914

Free 30 Hours childcare for 3 and 4 year olds available 

For more information please visit:


Alternatively, call Sandwell Family Information Service - 0121 569 4914

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